ARC Youth CJC are top 4

ARC Youth CJC first teams are top 4 in all Dutch competitions together with 2 other clubs: Haagsche RC and HFC Haarlem.

That means that if our ARC youth win the Semi-Finals (next Saturday 6th April), they will be playing the finals (on Saturday 20th April).

Come and Support the Cubs (U14), Junioren (U16), and Colts (U18) of ARC in this journey to Championship:

ARC Cubs vs Haagse RC Cubs @ 12:00 in AMSTELVEEN
Haagse RC Junioren vs ARC Junioren @ tbd in DEN HAAG
Haagse RC Colts vs ARC Colts @ tbd in DEN HAAG

ARC CU 1 share the top 4 with Haagse RC CU, RFC Haarlem CU, and Bredase RC CU —
ARC JU 1 share the top 4 with Haagse RC JU, RFC Haarlem JU, and RC The Dukes JU —
ARC CO 1 share top 4 with RFC Haarlem, Haagse RC, and The Dukes —

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