FysioHolland at ARC: Presentation season 2023

Upcoming Tuesday at 19:30 Sanne and Katie (FysioHolland) are explaining what the Phisios do at the club and how can improve player’s welfare. The event will take place in the ARC Clubhouse main hall, and it’s for New players, as well as other players/coaches/trainers.

Speakers: Sanne van Echtelt (FysioHolland) & Katie Crozier (FysioHolland)
Date & Time: Tuesday 17th October @ 19:30
Location: ARC Clubhouse main hall - 1st floor


  • Who FysioHolland is and what we can do for the players
  • Who is in the physio team this year
  • New taping policy
  • What a concussion is/the sign and symptoms/management explained and the return to play phase

For who is it?
It’s especially for the new players. Other players and coaches/trainers are also welcome.

For more information about Physiotherapist personnel at the Amstelveense Rugby Club:


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