Super Sunday Success: ARC Rugby Dominates on and off the Pitch


In an exhilarating display of rugby prowess, the Super Sunday event at the Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC) unfolded as a resounding success. From thrilling victories to delicious BBQ and Rugby World Cup action, it was a day to remember for all involved.

ARC Ladies "CL Groot Mokkum D1" Shine Bright The day's action commenced with an impressive performance by the ARC Ladies "CL Groot Mokkum D1," who demonstrated their dominance on the field. They secured a convincing victory against CL Obelix/Scrumboks D1 with a remarkable score of 63-12, setting the stage for an electrifying day of rugby.

Amstelveense RC 3 Falls to USRS Though Amstelveense RC 3 faced a tough challenge from USRS, their determination was evident throughout the match. However, USRS ultimately emerged victorious with a commanding score of 53-5.

ARC2 Triumphs Over RFC Haarlem 3 ARC2 continued the winning streak for the club, defeating RFC Haarlem 3 in a closely contested match. The final score reflected their hard-fought victory and unwavering team spirit.

ARC1 Engages in a Thrilling Encounter The highlight of the day came in the form of a nail-biting clash between ARC1 and Groningen RC 1. The match kept spectators on the edge of their seats as both teams displayed exceptional skill and sportsmanship. Despite a valiant effort, ARC1 narrowly lost to Groningen RC 1 with a score of 27-31.

Delicious BBQ Delights from Dick In addition to the riveting rugby action, Super Sunday offered a delightful culinary experience with a mouthwatering BBQ prepared by Dick. The aroma of sizzling barbecue filled the air, providing the perfect accompaniment to the day's festivities.

Rugby World Cup Matches Add to the Excitement To top off the day, rugby enthusiasts had the opportunity to enjoy two Rugby World Cup matches. It was a treat for fans to witness international rugby excellence alongside the local club action.

In conclusion, Super Sunday at ARC was a roaring success, with thrilling victories on the pitch, tantalizing BBQ, and the excitement of Rugby World Cup matches. The dedication and passion of the players, along with the camaraderie of the fans, made it a day to remember for the ARC community. As the club continues to flourish, events like these highlight the strong bond between rugby, enjoyment, and community spirit.


If you'd like to see an impression video about the Super Sunday, look bellow:


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