ARC Rugby Club’s 60th Season Opening Ceremony: A Night to Remember

Last Friday, on September 15th, the ARC Clubhouse in Amstelveen was alive with the spirit of celebration as the club marked the beginning of a historic 60th season with its Opening Ceremony. Rugby enthusiasts and club members came together to celebrate the triumphs of a healthy club with a numerous youth, a Dames side, a Heren side which plays in the 1st division of the Netherlands, and an even greater many social side teams, including the M and W inclusive ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders. The later team celebrated its 20 years of existence last Thursday.

The day started with a training for the youth, where the 1st team male side gave a clinic for skills to all youth in 6 different stations. It finished with a touch rugby match where parents, tutors, and spectators looked from the side lines with excitement.

Afterwards, Nick Gale played the piano for the singers of our beloved club. The ARC anthems, performed by seasoned club members, resonated through the air, bringing a wave of nostalgia, as the afternoon slowly faded away. Kids and adults listened carefully to the funny lyrics as well as the chords of the piano, while enjoying the meatball soup made by our Chef, Dick van Bruksvoort.

As President Carlos Fitzsimons took the stage outside, so people could listen while getting the last sun rays. The newly voted leader gave a speech that set the tone for the exciting journey ahead. He emphasized the celebration of the 60 years of the club, and inspired us to pursue an even greater season than the one before. His words were accompanied by fervent applause as they looked forward to the challenges and victories that the new season would bring (read full speech here).

The event was not just about speeches and formalities; it was also a night of music with a karaoke equipment that the Secretary Walter Ekkelkamp coordinated; as well as the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches being broadcasted. Of course, the tune of Wanderwal (by Oasis), brought once again a physical feeling of 'unitedness', allowing the fabrics that separated us, to become invisible for a moment.

While the effort from the Events committee and the hands of the rest of the club members made this a historic celebration, it was the attendees who truly made the event special. The presence of Rugby fans, club members, and friends added to the sense of diverse community that defines Amstelveense Rugby Club.

For those who missed the Opening Ceremony, fear not. The 60th season is just beginning, and there are many more thrilling matches and events to come:

So, as we look back on the Opening Ceremony held on September 15th, 2023, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and anticipation for what the rest of the season holds. It's not just Rugby; it's a celebration of passion, dedication, and the bonds that bring us all together. Here's to an incredible 60th season for ARC Rugby Club! 🏉🎊🏆 #60ARClustrum

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